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Internet traffic from Syria vanishes again

Verge: Google, Renesys and others are pointing to an Internet blackout in Syria during its ongoing conflict. There has been no official word on what has prompted the cutoffs or when communications might be back online. The country’s Internet was also cut off last year when it remained offline for two days before being restored.

Nationwide Internet blackout in Syria

AP:Two US-based Internet-monitoring companies say that Syria has shut down the Internet throughout the country. Syrian activists reached by satellite telephone confirmed the blackout.

Syria has partially shut off Internet connections during the uprising against President Bashar Assad. A nationwide shutdown is unprecedented.

Malware may knock thousands off Internet Monday

AP: Thousands of people, including about 64,000 in the US, could lose Internet service on Monday unless they do a quick check of their computer for malware that may have infected their machines more than a year ago.

Despite repeated alerts via Facebook, Google, service providers and the government, the number of computers probably infected is more than 277,000 worldwide.