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Bosnia and Serbia emergency after ‘worst ever’ floods

States of emergency have been declared in parts of Bosnia and Serbia after the heaviest rain and worst floods since records began 120 years ago.

Overflowing rivers have burst into towns and villages, cutting off whole communities, while landslides have buried houses.

At least three people have drowned.

Serbia’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said it was the “greatest flooding disaster ever”.

He said his government had appealed for help from the European Union, Russia and neighboring countries.

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More than 800 homes flooded after storms hit the UK

The Telegraph: 816 houses have been damaged by high floodwater in the UK, according to the Environment Agency. Devon and Cornwall are among the worst-affected areas, along with the historic town of Malmesbury.

There are some 260 flood alerts in England and Wales. More than 200 other flood warnings are in place across England. Two people have died so far in the storms.

Photo: Diana Mallows, 90, had to be rescued from her village home near Taunton. (Reuters)

Philippines begins clean-up after monsoon rains kill scores

Reuters: The Philippines has started massive clean-up efforts after floods swept the capital and nearby provinces after nearly 2 weeks of monsoon rains killed 91 people.Power, water and communication services were restored as floodwaters started to recede. Disaster officials say nearly 300,000 people remain in temporary shelters.

Photo: A resident traverses between 2 buildings on a rope in Psig City, east of Manila, Philippines on Aug. 9, 2012. (Francis R Malasig / EPA)

Monsoon rains in Manila force 270,000 to flee

Reuters: Deadly torrential rains submerged much of the Philippine capital, Manila, Tuesday, forcing nearly 270,000 to flee their homes. More flooding is expected in the north of the country as a tropical storm passes through, officials say.

The Philippines weather bureau says steady rains for the past 10 days, killing more than 50, are set to continue until Wednesday. “It’s like ‘Waterworld,’” the head of the Philippines national disaster agency says.

Photo: A resident pushes his bicycle through murky floodwaters in Quezon City in suburban Manila, Philippines, on Aug. 7, 2012. (Jay Directo / AFP - Getty Images)

Flash floods in Japan leave trail of destruction

NBC News:

An unprecedented 20 inches of rain descended on the town of Aso in southwestern Japan, inundating homes and rice paddies and killing at least 6 people. 20 people are still reportedly missing.

Images on local news reports showed cars being dragged into the raging rivers and houses destroyed by landslides. But by around noon time the rain had stopped, allowing for the clean up efforts to begin.

Photo: An aerial view shows firefighters searching among collapsed houses following a landslide caused by heavy rains in Minamiaso town on July 12, 2012. (Kyodo via Reuters)

Floods strand villages, kill 77 in India’s Assam state


At least 77 people have been killed and nearly 2 million affected by heavy monsoon rains that caused floods in India’s northeastern Assam state, in what the prime minister on Monday called one of the worst such disasters to strike recently.

Authorities have given shelter, food and medicines to thousands of homeless people, and deployed mobile medical teams to prevent the outbreak of disease.

Photo: An Indian Air Force helicopter distributes relief materials at a flood hit area in Sonitpur, Assam, India, on July 1, 2012. (AP)