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Planes begin 2nd round of spraying over Dallas County, Texas, to combat West Nile virus

A second round of spraying — the first since 1966 — began Friday night over Dallas. The spraying, reported the Morning News, will cover most of Dallas, with the exception of those areas doused on Thursday.

Laura McGowan, spokesperson for Clarke, maker of Duet, said the planes will still take off despite the appearance of overcast skies. Rain is not expected in most of the spray zone.

Dallas mayor declares state of emergency over West Nile

Dallas Morning News: The mayor of Dallas, Texas, has declared a state of emergency over the spread of the West Nile virus. He is requesting that the county and state provide aerial pesticide spraying in the city to control mosquitoes spreading the virus.

Ten have died from the virus in Dallas County. The city has seen 111 reported infections that resulted in 65 hospitalizations.