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Singapore smog from Indonesia fire could last weeks

BBC: Singapore’s prime minister has warned that the haze engulfing the city could last for weeks, as air pollution in the city-state soars to record levels. The pollution standards index peaked at 371 Thursday, breaking previous records and going well above hazardous levels. It eventually fell to about 300.

The haze is caused by illegal forest fires in Indonesia’s Sumatra Island, but the two neighbors have accused each other over who is responsible for the smog.

Photo: Office workers return from a lunch break in front of buildings blanketed by haze in Singapore on June 19, 2013. (Roslan Rahman / AFP - Getty Images)

Islamic Defenders Front hails cancellation of planned Lady Gaga concert in Jakarta

After the announcement that Lady Gaga’s Jakarta concert was off, thousands of her fans sent a flurry of Twitter messages to persuade her to go ahead with the concert. But the chairman of the Jakarta Islamic Defenders Front said the cancellation was “good news” for Muslims in Indonesia. - Jakarta Post