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Heavy metal fan suffers headbang brain injury

A headbanging heavy metal fan saw his rocking out at a Motorhead concert lead to a potentially fatal blood clot on the brain, doctors have said.

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Demonstrator confronts Putin and Merkel in Hanover

Telegraph: A bare-breasted protester with an obscene anti-Putin slogan daubed on her back has confronted the Russian president and German chancellor Angela Merkel at a trade fair in Hanover.

The women appeared to be members of the feminist group Femen, which has staged topless protests against the sex industry and religious institutions.

The group has criticized Mr Putin over the arrest and conviction of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot, for performing an anti-Putin song in a Moscow cathedral last year.

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are confronted by a topless demonstrator during a tour of the Hanover Fair, Hanover (EPA/JOCHEN LUEBKE)

Germany approves bill to protect male circumcision


German lawmakers have approved a bill to keep male infant circumcision legal after a regional court ruled earlier this year that the practice amounts to bodily harm.

The government proposed the law following heavy criticism of the Cologne court ruling by Jewish and Muslim groups.

The new law, passed with 434 to 100 votes, grants parents the right to authorize the circumcision of their sons by a trained practitioner. Once the boy reaches six months of age the procedure needs to be performed by a doctor.

Germans take part in annual St. Nicholas Run

NBC Photoblog: Around 800 participants took part in the 4th annual Santa Claus running competition in Michendorf, Germany. Both children and adults wore Santa outfits for the 10k race in the snow.

Photo: A runner dressed as Father Christmas pushes his children in a baby buggy during the ‘Nikolaus Run’ in Michendorf, Germany, on Dec. 9. (Wolfgang Rattay / Reuters)

Female zookeper killed by escaped tiger

A tiger escaped its enclosure at the Cologne Zoo in Germany, mauling a female zookeeper to death before being shot and killed by the zoo director.

The Telegraph reports, according to the Cologne newspaper Express, the tiger was a male called Altai. “This is the darkest day of my life,” zoo director Theo Pagel told Express.

Photo:Altai walks in his enclosure in the Cologne Zoo. (AP)

Italy dismisses Germany, 2-1, from Euro 2012, will face Spain in final

Two first-half strikes Mario Balotelli was enough to see off Germany. The¬†Azzurri will now face Spain in Sunday’s Euro 2012 finale.

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Germany sets new solar-power record

An energy institute says German solar power plants produced a record 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour - equal to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity - through the midday hours on Friday and Saturday. From Reuters