Boston College students continue distributing condoms despite administrative threats

NBCBoston College students said they will continue to promote safe sex after school officials threatened with with disciplinary action for distributing condoms on campus.

In an email sent out to students on March 15, Dean of Students Paul Chebator and Director of Residence Life George Arey said distributing condoms does not align with the Jesuit school’s values and disciplinary action will be taken.

Lizzie Jekanowski, chair of the Boston College of Students for Sexual Health, said the email came as a shock and that the group has always had a positive relationship with administrators.

"We have the privilege of attending a Jesuit Catholic university so dedicated to the development of the self — both the body and the soul — that we find it both appropriate and necessary to advocate for these sexual health issues that are an integral aspect of that process,” Jekanowski said.

The group plans to meet with school administrators on April 29 and said they will continue to hand out contraception.

Photo: Boston College Students for Sexual Health have been distributing condoms on campus since 2009. The group is not recognized by the university and was threatened with disciplinary action by college officials if they did not stop handing out contraception. (BC Students for Sexual Health via NBC)


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